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Gia the Giant dominates Andrew

We often see mismatches between strong and skilful ladies and weak and pitiful men but this one must rank as one of the biggest ever!

Gorgeous Gia the Giant stepped up onto the MWC mats during her tour of England and faced off against the ever-willing Andrew in a mixed wrestling contest.

Andrew clearly fancied his chances as he told her that he is tougher than she is and there was certainly the look of a warrior ready to do battle in his eyes.

That look lasted all of five seconds until Gia attacked and grabbed him in a torso-crushing bear hug that had him gasping for breath and in trouble almost straight away.

Bored of how easy that was, Gia then take shim to the mats and gets to work on working him over and giving him the beating of a lifetime.

Gia knees him in the stomach, pins him to the floor, inflicts excruciating grapevine pins on him, traps him under a schoolgirl pin and almost flattens his head between her thighs in a devastating head scissor. She’s not afraid of getting downright dirty either with eye-watering low blows giving Andrew even more pain!

We found ourselves tapping out on Andrew’s behalf as we could feel the pain he was having to endure at this relentless and remorseless fighting machine’s hands.

Not only was her wrestling as sharp and painful as a knife but so was the verbal onslaught that accompanied it. She also enjoys watching him try to escape her holds and enjoys telling him so!

The end cannot come quickly enough for the beleaguered Andrew following this complete annihilation and humiliation at the hands of Gia the Giant.

She certainly enjoys her victory pose and celebration after leaving him out on the mats!

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