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Galya Destroys Ragdoll Sam Rematch

Gorgeous Galya never needs a reason to kick a pathetic little man’s butt for Monica’s Wrestling Centre when she is given the opportunity to do so.

But when one - Ragdoll Sam in this instance - comes looking for a fight then that is enough of a reason for her to get her immense ability out and put him in his place.

She was busy exercising alone and minding her own business when bold Sam walked in on her wanting a rematch after suffering at Galya’s hands when they last took each other on.

We think he might have had instant regret at this unwise decision though as, quick as a flash, Galya swung into action and started dismantling him with ease and a lot of enthusiasm.

She soon has him down on the ground and is turning his head bright red after locking on a nasty looking head scissor and squeezing hard!

This is a mere starter though as Galya is keen to serve up a tasty meal for herself at Ragdoll Sam’s expense. A schoolgirl pin leaving him trapped and with no choice but to tap out among the treats she cooks up!

Why he thought he could upset the odds this time is a mystery to us all but Galya isn’t bothered as she happily takes him apart utilising every weapon in her arsenal.

Sam is made to endure reverse head scissors, head locks, body scissors, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, guillotines and combination holds which bring about well deserved successes for the Bulgarian beauty.

Galya is relentless and fires a non-stop barrage of attacks to leave him reeling pretty much from start to finish in this contest.

There is no shock ending to this one and Galya celebrates almost with disdain over Sam’s battered body when she is finally done destroying him!

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