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Galya Destroys Ragdoll Sam

While she isn’t the biggest athlete on Monica’s Wrestling Centre books, Galya is blessed with strength as well as super skills and speed which have helped her overcome larger female fighters.

So, it’s fair to say, weedy Ragdoll Sam was always going to be up against it when he stepped up to face her on the mats.

Watching Galya on top form is always a delight and she was certainly up for this contest right from the start, seemingly stalking him and then pouncing like a tiger catching her prey.

Ragdoll Sam probably realised immediately that she is a bit of a live wire but even he couldn’t have been prepared for the fast face, changing level of attacks she hit him with immediately.

It seemed as if, every time we blinked, Galya would execute a different move on her defenceless victim who just looked and sounded like he was being made to suffer whatever hold he was trapped in.

Galya hit him with headlocks, head scissors, arm bars, a variety of pins, body scissors, arm locks, figure fours, reverse holds and combination holds - all of them making their mark and producing the desired effect for the gorgeous girl.

Ragdoll Sam must have felt like one of those wooden dummies that martial artists sometimes use for training, given he was unable to fight back or even quell the tide of Galya’s flood of attacks.

She didn’t say much to her victim as she went through her arsenal of weapons but you can see a sense of satisfaction etched on her face as every hold produced some serious pain for Ragdoll Sam!

Galya was the epitome of dominance from the first second right through to the very last and she looked ever inch the winner she most certainly is as she posed over him at the end!

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