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Gabriella vs Storm

As soon as the beautiful and talented wrestlers Gabriella and Storm stepped into Monica’s Ring of Pain you just knew they were itching to get their hands on one another.

The glares, the tension, the age-old blonde v brunette battle and then the initial verbal exchanges just told us all that this was going to be an enthralling Shiny Pro Ring Girls contest!

They wasted little time in getting to grips with one another with an early test of strength with both Storm and Gabriella determined to strike an early psychological blow to give them an advantage for the rest of the fight.

It becomes clear right away that they are matched in power and this results in one of the naughty girls to play dirty instead to try to get that all important early advantage.

Gabriella and Storm were soon fighting hard all over the ring with move after move causing pain while the trash talking provided insults to those injuries.

There were head locks, Boston crabs, bear hugs, camel clutches, cross body pins, stink faces, use of ropes to cause maximum discomfort, roll ups and pin attempts in this fast paced exciting encounter.

Just when it looked as if one girl had gained control of the entire match, she would be brought back down to earth when her seemingly struggling opponent mounted a superb comeback.

And, just as you’d expect when one of the girls is a ‘heel’ and the other is a ‘face, there were plenty of dirty tricks and underhand tactics!

The ending is brutal and the victorious lady certainly enjoys her victory over the prone body of her rival. A fabulous encounter between two fabulous rivals!

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