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Gabriella vs Luna K

Gorgeous Gabriella never lacks any confidence and she demonstrates this proudly by showing off her immense curves during her warm up in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain ahead of this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

She even taunts her opponent - the luscious Luna K - from the opposite corner as the smaller girl goes through her own warm up.

But if she didn’t know it before, Gabriella soon discovers that it’ll take more than some verbals to get in Luna K’s head when they lock up and start fighting.

Both warriors get to show off why they are very confident battling it out in a wrestling ring and we are soon treated to some exciting back and forth action between them.

Every time you think one of them has taken control of the situation, the other turns the tables and is soon back in control - such is their equal ability and sheer will to win.

We see grapevine pins, head locks, body scissors, tests of strength, head scissors, leg locks, head butts, combination moves, punches and a whole lot more as the battle intensifies.

Both Gabriella and Luna K are eager to win and they are not shy about using dirty moves and tactics to help get ahead either - which of course makes for an extremely entertaining spectacle!

Each of them comes close to clinching victory at many different moments and you can sense the growing frustration and increase in verbal jousting as the minutes tick by.

Like with so many of the classic Shiny Pro Ring Girl matches, only a brave betting man or woman would predict the outcome of a tight, evenly fought contest like this one as it hangs in the balance right up until the end.

And when one of them finally gets the winner, boy is she delighted about stand keen to taunt her frustrated rival!

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