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Gabriella vs Kilo

Confident Kilo towers over sexy Gabriella and this huge height advantage certainly fills him with the confidence he needs as he looks to take down the talented beauty.

But Gabriella isn’t the slightest bit impressed with his bravado or any size advantage he has over her and is more than ready to teach him a lesson on the MWC mats.

She immediately grabs him in a headlock and brings him down to the ground, applying pressure which is clearly having an effect judging by the moans and groans coming from Kilo.

Through gritted teeth he tells Gabriella that she is lucky with this one so she ramps up the pressure and the sheer pain written all over his face tells us it isn't a fake and she really knows what she is doing!

A bad start for Kilo and it doesn't get any better as Gabriella shows him her legs are as lethal as her arms by trapping him in a body scissor that is clearly going to leave him in pain for days to come.

And the beating just gets more and more vicious as Gabriella starts working him over in a variety of different ways including figure fours, face sits, arm bars, chokes, head locks and more scissors squeezing the life out of his head and torso!

The beatdown which he promised her shows absolutely no sign of emerging, of course, and Kilo was being made to eat his words. Gabriella on the other hand was enjoying beating him up with words of her own alongside the physical attacks!

She really goes through her entire delightful repertoire of wrestling tricks to make him suffer in the harshest way possible.

It’s an outstanding, emphatic win for the gorgeous Gabriella who ends it brutally because she is bored of teaching him a hard lesson! What a badass girl!

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