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Gabriella vs Black Diamond

Gorgeous Gabriella has the ability and confidence to give anyone a run for her money and she has certainly impressed in her wrestling career.

But she has her work cut out here as she faces the awesome amazonian Black Diamond in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle taking place in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

Black Diamond has the speed and skills to match her size and strength and Gabriella is given an early taste of this when she is thrown around the ring with abandon by her bigger rival.

Feisty Gabriella is no shrinking violet though and you can see she isn’t fazed by the challenge - throwing herself at her opponent and trying to attack early on to remind Black Diamond that she is in a match!

And a nice pattern emerges as a result. Every time Black Diamond attacks, Gabriella fights back hard and this sees them exchanging an array of impressive moves in an encounter in which the action goes one way and then the other.

They execute body scissors, breast smothers, camel clutches, cross body pins, leg locks, head locks, combination moves, surfboards and head scissors in a breathtaking fight.

We also see them practicing the ‘darker arts’ of the sport - utilising the corner turnbuckles and ropes to great effect as well as knees to the gut and between the legs!

Judging by the moans, groans, grunts and screams, we know they both felt each and every attack they found themselves on the receiving end of!

The name of the game appears to be cause the most amount of damage to one another and Black Diamond and Gabriella certainly achieve that during the course of this war.

In the end, one manages to cause more damage than the other. “Are you going to tap bitch?” Oh, she most certainly did!

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