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Gabriela vs Kilo - rematch

What a talented and ultra beautiful female wrestler is busy doing her workout routine, what’s the worst thing you can do if you’re a man? That’s right, interrupt her!

But that is exactly what Kilo ill advisedly decides to do just as Gabriella is stretching and exercising in the middle of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

It’s a bad move because he is in the right place for an ass kicking and lovely Gabriella is all warmed up and ready to deliver it!

“You’re going to get so beaten up this time”, a determined and steely eyed Kilo announces as he climbs through the ropes while an exasperated Gabriella simply exhales and rolls her eyes. She knows what’s about to go down…HIM!

He hits the canvas as soon as she grabs hold of him and takes him down. While he still insists on telling her she will see what he has in store, Gabriella merely gets on with the task in hand, applying those luscious legs around his torso and squeezing.

She’s barely breaking sweat as she moves on to a vicious head lock and makes him squirm and cry out in pain.

An arm lock which almost sees his puny limb twisted out of its socket sees her double her advantage as the pattern - just like in the first time they met - is set for the rest of the match.

She seems to be having even more fun this time around, giving him a stink face as he sits helpless against a corner turnbuckle.

Gabriella also “treats” him to arm bars, breast smothers, head locks, body scissors, grapevine pins and combinations which all bring about the desired submissions out of a suffering Kilo!

It’s even more humiliating and embarrassing for Kilo and Gabriella certainly makes him right to the very end of this incredible beatdown!

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