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Gabriela Pliante v Ivy Rain

There are some fights you just know are going to be thrilling classics as soon as you dream them up and this encounter in the Mats of Doom Room certainly lived up to the hype!

Gabriella and Ivy Rain are strong, talented and confident wrestlers who are building impressive reputations as they entertain and delight the session wrestling scene.

But reputations go out of the window when it comes to match time and all that mattered was what they were going to do in this fight and not what they have accomplished before.

They didn’t mess around either. They locked up straight away and started the struggle, which ended with a quick submission for Gabriella after she caught Ivy in an arm lock!

Ivy is as tough as she is beautiful though and she wasn’t ever going to take that easily. And sure enough, after giving Gabriella an early introduction to her considerable breasts (!), she levelled the match with a painful body scissor.

With the blue touch paper well and truly lit, it was game on and we were treated to some brilliant moves, sheer determination and impressive flexibility as they treated us to a pulsating fight.

Submissions were earned with more body scissors, leg locks, head locks, school girl pins and combinations of many of these as they clocked up points and fought for victory.

It was one hell of a battle as Gabriella and Ivy enjoyed moments on top and in control before finding the tables turned and having to try to fight out of challenging predicaments!

They fought hard and with sheer determination right to the very of this exciting battle and were locked in combat right up until the moment the referee called time. Download this classic battle of the beautiful babes to see how it pans out!

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