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Gabi vs Petq - squash match

Due to the corona virus lockdown, our Bulgarian contingent has been sadly unable to come over to London. But they weren’t going to let that stop them representing Monica’s Wrestling Centre and so they overcame obstacles to strut their stuff on Eastern European mats for us!

But after the treatment she suffered at the hands of the brutal beauty Gabi, we wonder if Petq wishes there was even stricter rules in place to keep her opponent away from her!

As soon as they faced off against each other on the mats, you could see there was a huge size advantage in favour of Gabi, who is also a very experienced and talented fighter.

What probably didn’t help Petq’s nerves either was the relish and glee that was written all over Gabi’s face as she stalked and then attacked her rival.

And straight away, the smaller woman realised exactly what she was up against when Gabi grabbed her and took her down, trapping her in body scissors and a head lock that had Petq squirming and crying out in pain.

Gabi taunted her throughout and Petq was clearly annoyed, responding with a defiant cuss word telling her tormentor where to go!

But sadly for her, Gabi wasn’t going anywhere and instead she just cranked up the and the pain she wanted to dish out.

Petq was made to suffer through a range of crushing moves including choke holds, body scissors, arm bars, head locks, bear hugs, pins and even fireman’s lifts around the arena!

It was relentless and very painful for Petq, who tried to escape but was unable to shake off Gabi who loved every second of the class!

The end was as brutal as any other point during the beat down and Gabi soon sent Petq to rest, clearly proud of her handiwork! Brutal domination!

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