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Gabi vs Kilo

Tall and handsome Kilo seems very confident of his toughness and wrestling ability when he steps up to face the fabulous Gabi on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

In fact, she confident is he, Kilo strides over as Gabi starts trash talking him mocking her and looking dismissive and ready to fight.

That readiness lasted about a nanosecond when tough Gabi drags him down to the mats and executes a guillotine on his defenceless neck!

He tries to show bravado by spitting out “Ok, the start’s nice” but it is anything but nice to his welfare as Gabi ramps up the pressure and makes him suffer by tightening the hold and getting a body scissor in place for extra effect!

And this is really just the beginning. Gabi is powerful but you only truly find that out when you are in a fight with her and so Kilo gets to experience more of her skills as an arm bar soon becomes a figure four.

With his face going crimson red as he gets weaker and weaker, he manages to croak out a “Damn, you’re strong!” You know it, Kilo!

It doesn’t stop there either! There are more arm bars, more scissors, more chokes, more combination holds - all of which succeed in creating more and more pain the longer the contest goes in.

Kilo is unable to do anything by way of attacks of his own. Actually, he is unable to do anything to defend himself either as Gabi just continues to metaphorically chew him up and spit him out!

She taunts him along the way too. She isn’t a silent - she is clearly just a vicious when she starts to mock and taunt her helpless victims!

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