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Gabi vs Eva

Eva is a great, accomplished and strong wrestler who is always up for any challenge that is put in front of her.

But she certainly had her work cut out for her when we put her up against the formidable powerhouse that is Gabi in the tight space of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room!

Like we said, though, Eva is not daunted by this and from the early exchanges it becomes clear she was not going to let the size advantage Gabi had over her put her off!

Straight away, both ladies were looking to get their impressive power and skills into effect and it brought early success for both of them - a submission each in the fast-paced first few minutes.

Both Gabi and Eva love to wrestle and this was just oozing out of them as they exchanged impressive holds in their search for those all important submissions to help them secure a very notable victory!

Each lady seemed to ramp up their level as the minutes locked on by and the sheer effort being put in and the pain they were suffering whilst trapped in holds was evident throughout.

They got each other in head locks, body scissors, arm bars, head scissors, figure four locks, ankle locks, cross body pins and combination holds on a regular basis.

Their tolerance to pain was equally impressive as lesser fighters would probably have submitted a lot sooner than either of these two did at times in this pulsating fight.

This was a thrilling match which swung one way and then the other, allowing both Eva and Gabi to showcase their talent in a fantastic way.

It was a real battle from the first minute to the very last and it finished with a pair tired fighters who had immense respect for one another!

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