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Gabi Destroys Cocky Larry

You can tell a lot about a wrestler by the combative name they given themselves and, normally, we would applaud confidence and a bit of cockiness in our fighters.

But Cocky Larry had a lot to live up to and prove when he stepped up for this Monica’s Wrestling Centre clash with a badass Bulgarian in the shape of gorgeous Gabi.

Gabi is a wrecking machine with immense power, speed, agility and skills and she’s chewed up and spat back out far more formidable challenges than the one presented opposite her on the mats here!

And sure enough, an immediate takedown and throw to the ground tells Cocky Larry exactly what he has let himself in for within the first few seconds.

It also becomes clear that Gabi is all business and looks determined to impose herself and inflict as much damage to Cocky Larry who, unsurprisingly, has nothing to offer in return!

She gets her head scissors, body scissors, arm bars, head locks, combination moves and impressive martial arts skills working and they have the desired effect as Larry struggles to cope with the onslaught.

Gabi wastes no time between moves either, going from one hold to another with breathless ease and speed and it wouldn’t surprise us if he was left in a spin for ages after the ‘match’ was over.

For his part, Cocky Larry gives us plenty of moans and groans as he struggles to get any kind of foothold in the contest and ends up spending most of it in agony.

This is the very definition of a one-sided beatdown and an incredibly impressive way of seeing the talent of an amazing fighter such as Gabi in all it’s glory!

The ending is as decisive and destructive as the rest and Gabi enjoys a deserved victory pose over his body!

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