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Gabi Destroy's Cocky Larry - Rematch

When you’ve been handed a beatdown at the hands of someone as powerful and skilled as Gabi, you’d be wise to think twice about ever going back for more.

Not Cocky Larry though. Oh no, our determined hero decided to live up to his moniker and strutted straight back on to the mats to take on the Bulgarian beauty in the bizarre hope of getting revenge for the battering he was treated to last time.

“I’m stronger now and this time I’ll beat you”, Cocky confidently announces as he interrupts Gabi’s warm-up session but the smile on her face and dismissal of his prediction tells us she is in the move to have some more fun at his expense.

Within seconds of the match getting underway, Gabi has her rival exactly where she wants him - under control on the mats and as she starts the squeeze the life out of him, you can see the agony etched all over his face.

A head lock brings about a very quick submission and you can tell that Gabi isn’t even in full flow yet and the grin on her pretty face just gets broader as she weighs up how to demoralise him even further.

If he didn’t realise it before, Cocky Larry knows he is in for another torrid time at her expense as she applies a nasty looking reverse head scissor to crank up the pressure even more.

There are more scissor holds, cross body pins, school girl pins, arm bars, face sits and combination holds which bring about taps outs galore in Gabi’s favour.

Cocky isn’t able to lay a glove on her but he does demonstrate some excellent groaning and grunting skills as he suffers for virtually every second of this ‘match’ up!

As he lays beaten and broken on the mats, Gabi celebrates another brutal beatdown!

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