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FROM THE VAULT Rebecca & Taz Destroy Dynamo

We’ve dipped into the MWC vault and uncovered a classic gem from a few years ago between two gorgeous, skilled ladies for you to enjoy.

Dynamic Dynamo has built up her reputation for being a strong and talented wrestler over a number of years, gaining the respect of her peers and fans alike.

However, Rebecca and Taz don’t appear to have gotten that particular memo and are completely unimpressed when they confront her on the mats. In fact, such is their disdain for what they see as a cocky “bitch” they decide to team up and put her in her place!

Dynamo of course isn’t the sort of girl who ducks a fight, regardless of what the odds are, and she certainly seems up for taking the pair of upstarts on and teaching them not to mess with her.

That’s easier said than done, however, when you’ve got two vicious fighters in the form of Rebecca and Taz who are only in the mood to punish her.

Dynamo attacks with venom and gusto but whenever she looks like getting an advantage, the numbers game proves to be too much for her.

On the other hand, Rebecca and Taz work like a team and are always on hand to help each other out and bring Dynamo under control. Of course, they also dish out plenty of pain for their helpless victim as the match progresses.

We see scissors, head locks, arm bars, leg locks and Dynamo is left with little choice but to tap out when this onslaught proves too much for her.

The taunting and trash talking continues throughout the fight too and, despite her best efforts, Dynamo can do nothing to shut them up!

Rebecca and Taz certainly enjoy this brutal one-sided handicap match for sure!

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