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Eva vs Venom

There is no doubt that Eva is an extremely talented and highly respected wrestler who has a long list of memorable and impressive victories under her bely.

But that doesn’t seem to cut any ice with the powerful Venom who is suitably unimpressed when the two meet in the Ring Of Pain at Monica’s Wrestling Centre for this Shiny Pro Ring Girls match-up!

Eva is not amused as Venom cockily tells her she doesn’t need to be ready for this and mocks her smaller rival as they begin to get proceedings underway.

And when Venom follows this disrespectful taunting up with a nasty looking arm lock which clearly has an impact on Eva, then it looks as if this might turn out to be as one-sided as the poisonous one seems to think.

But Venom would do well to show some respect for her skilful opponent, something Eva is quick to demonstrate when she turns the tables on the blonde and lets her know she is in for a hard battle after all!

Suddenly Venom is finding out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of some savage attacks as well and this sets things up nicely for the rest of the contest!

The two exchange some hard blows before one of the athletes starts to take control and unleash some eye-watering punishment on her rather beleaguered and bemused victim.

As well as knowing all the great wrestling holds, they also know how to utilise the corner turnbuckles and ropes to their advantage and boy does this deliver some success!

By the end, one is in complete control and domination of the other and she finishes things off in spectacularly skilful fashion to get the coveted three count pin for victory! An amazing and intriguing battle!

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