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Eva vs Supernova

Exquisite Eva might be fairly small in terms of her height but she has a massive fighting heart and she’s never afraid to take anyone on in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain no matter what size they are!

Take this match as an example. The giant beauty Supernova has a considerable size advantage over her but Eva is unperturbed and confidently tells her larger foe that the “bigger they are, the harder they fall”!

Which is great in theory. But can sometimes be a little difficult to execute in reality! Eva dives down towards her legs and tries to take Supernova down - only to find the immovable object cannot be moved!

Instead, she is yanked up by the hair and soon getting her skull crushed in a vicious head lock by the might Supernova.

This is merely the start of Supernova’s evil aims in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter as she looks to go through her array of weapons to make Eva suffer even more.

It looks as if Eva’s bravery has led her into trouble as Supernova starts to dominate her and make her scream out in pain at alarmingly regular intervals!

That is until the little spitfire comes roaring back, taking advantage of some cocky sloppiness from her rival! Soon it is Supernova who is on the receiving end of some serious damage - including a stink face from “Manchester’s finest arse!”

All of a sudden, Supernova knows she is in a fight and has to stir herself into more serious action to stop Eva causing a shock outcome here!

Both Eva and Supernova dish out some hard punishment as this war rages on and both clearly feel the pain from the heat each is bringing.

It is an entertaining match between two powerful fighters and the stunning end brings about a fitting, brutal finale!

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