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Eva vs Rogue

Two beauties we never tire of seeing battle it out in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain are the mega talented Eva and Rogue.

And luckily for us, the pair never need a second invitation to climb through the ropes and take on anyone in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter!

It's obvious from the start that these two cannot wait to get their hands on one another and a polite (on the face of it, anyway) exchange of verbals soon gives way to what we came to see - two strong talents knocking seven bells out of one another!

Eva has a lot more experience in pro wrestling but Rogue is no rookie these days and seems to be getting stronger and wiser and even more talented by the match. 

The early exchanges see both women demonstrate what they are capable of and it helps to set the rest of the contest up very nicely indeed!

Every time it looks as if one of them is going to get the upper hand, she finds the tables turned on her and stuck in a predicament she was hoping to avoid.

This means we get to see the full array of skills that both Eva and Rogue possess as they trap each other in head locks, head scissors, bear hugs, roll up pins, arm bars, Boston crabs, stink faces and kicks to the belly!

The verbal attacks are unforgiving too although the screams of agony they both emit throughout tell us the physical pain is no walk in the park.

Eventually one of these tough cookies manages to take control and bring about a hard earned but well deserved victory, ending with a rather brutal full stop to leave the loser flat out and defeated!

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