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Eva vs Luna K Rematch

There is always something exciting about seeing two seemingly well-matched, exciting, talented grapplers getting to grips with one another in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ encounter.

Both Eva and Luna K are no strangers to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain and have lit the venue up many times before with their skills and thrills - and sure enough, they are no strangers to each other!

It is immediately obvious that they are both up for this contest and, after a quick warm up, they waste little time in locking up and getting it on!

And things are immediately turned spicy when the pair take turns in forcing the other into the corner in a show of strength before slapping each other on their chests in not so respectable ways! 

This is merely the appetiser though as the two gorgeous talents are soon doing what they do so brilliantly and engaging in a pulsating wrestling match full of thrills and spills!

Both Eva and Luna K are clearly determined to earn what would be a very impressive victory and this only serves to create an exciting back and forth contest with both ladies going all out for victory.

There are arm bars, roll up pins, body scissors, head locks, guillotines, head scissors, schoolgirl pins, crossbody pins and combination holds which certainly seem to have the desired effect both Eva and Luna K are looking for throughout the bout.

Halfway through though, one of these warriors starts to take control of proceedings and seems keen to take advantage of this and really punish her opponent who had matched her toe to toe up until then!

Despite the ailing fighter being put through the mill, she does her best to fight out of any pin fall attempts until the end comes by which she is finally put away! 

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