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Eva vs Ivy Rain

There are many Shiny Pro Ring Girl match-ups which are moth-watering prospects and excite us before the first bell has even rung and this one certainly fits into that category!

Eva is a vastly experienced and strong pro wrestler who is no stranger to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain.

But she was up against the ever improving Ivy Rain who never misses the opportunity to show off her skills and strut her stuff on the canvas.

It was evident from the opening verbal exchanges that these two were looking forward to this battle as much as we were and they were clearly looking forward to getting their hands on one another once the contest got underway.

At first, it was Eva doing the front running and it looked as if she might even overwhelm her bigger but less experienced rival as she dominated the opening exchanges.

But Ivy Rain is more than just a pretty face and there was no way in the world she was ever going to roll over and succumb easily so her impressive fightback was no surprise to any of us who were watching!

Soon, Eva and Ivy Rain were fighting hard all over the squared circle, dishing out some impressive punishment and getting near falls in their enthusiastic pursuit of victory.

We saw head locks, body scissors, school girl pins, face sits, arm bars, tests of strength, head scissors and combination holds as the pair of them went at it like there was no tomorrow. There were plenty of dirty moves along the way too!

Eventually one of them did take control of the fight and started to assert her authority over her rival in unforgiving fashion. She certainly enjoyed her victory whilst leaving the loser seething on the canvas! A cracking match!

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