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Eva vs Ivy Rain

The amazing English rose Ivy Rain continues to get better and stronger with every challenge she fearlessly takes on for Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

And she most certainly faced a big challenge of her skills here when she took on the gorgeous Eva - a powerful, experienced and immensely talented wrestler.

Eva loves to grapple and she was quick out the blocks her trapping Ivy Rain in a headlock and squeezing hard, leaving the younger woman no choice but to tap out.

But if she thought she was going to have it all her own way in this one, Eva was given a short, sharp shock as Ivy Rain came storming back to even the scores with a perfectly executed head scissor.

You don’t get more exciting starts to any match when both women show off exactly what they’ve got and this lit a fuse under this battle and gave an insight for what was to come!

Eva, understandably, wanted to impose herself again and was quick to get her powerful legs into play but she was finding Ivy Rain was no shrinking violet and she would merely fight back whenever she found herself under siege!

The ladies were going at it hammer and tongs all over the mats as they went all out to secure a much desired victory.

They used body scissors, breast smothers, arm bars, grapevine pins, head locks, head scissors, camel clutches and combination holds - many of which brought about tap outs!

Both Eva and Ivy felt it whenever the other cranked it up, judging by the wails of pain and anguish that we heard throughout this back and forth war!

This was a truly remarkable match between two fighters at the top of their game. One of the ladies just about emerges as a winner - but you’ll have to download this classic to find out who!

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