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Eva vs Ina Black

“This really isn’t fair! Can they not put me in a smaller class?!” The exquisite Eva usually takes on all comers without complaint..but then all comers are not usually like the legendary Ina Black!

The two ladies find themselves in opposite corners of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain for this Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ battle and there is clearly a size difference between the pair - something not lost on Eva.

Naturally, Ina doesn’t care and she is straight into action - taking Eva down hard and almost relishing in the sound of back hitting canvas with a thud!

And this is just merely the start as far as the Eastern European phenom is concerned as she starts to get to work on giving Eva a rough going over and a beatdown she’ll never forget.

Ina never shows any pity for victims and she knows her opponent here is talented and strong in her own right, despite her smaller stature so she doesn’t let up when it comes to dishing out the brutal punishment!

Eva finds herself being thrown around the ring, stomped on and forced to endure some serious agony through holds including body scissors, arm bars, head locks, head scissors and combination holds which make her fill the venue’s airs with pained screams.

Ina, of course, laps all of this up and certainly enjoys her domination over her foe - there seems to be a constant wide grin on her face as she destroys Eva!

Seeing a wrestler as gifted and powerful as Eva reduced to cannon fodder tells you everything you need to know about the immense strength and ability Ina possesses!

The ending is as brutal as everything that followed it and Eva is left completely flat out and destroyed on the canvas while Ina enjoys a peerless victory!

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