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Eva Vanquished

Gorgeous Eva is an accomplished pro and session wrestler with strength and skills that make her a tough opponent for anyone she faces on the mats.

But we can guarantee she’s never faced anyone quite like the relentless wrecking machine that is Madame Vanquish.

The dominatrix has continued where she left off in London and left a serious trail of destruction up in Manchester and Eva was the latest victim of this brutality.

As she often does, Madame Vanquish invited her smaller foe to have the first attack and Eva duly obliged with a firm headlock. But she quickly found out the moves that can bring many talented women down have little or no effect on this lady!

With the headlock still in place, Madame Vanquish lifted her up before bringing her crashing down on to a nasty looking back breaker.

If Eva thought that was bad, worse was to follow and quickly because Madame Vanquish has an unquenchable thirst for destroying anyone that dares to face her on the map.

Poor Eva was caught in an array of morale-crushing moves including head scissors, ankle locks, arm locks, figure four locks, body scissors, bear hugs and combination holds that had her tapping out furiously and in pain!

Alongside all this, the trash talking and the way Madame Vanquish laughed in her face would have hurt too.

But the plucky little wrestler looked like she was going to have success of her own when she trapped Madame Vanquish in a headlock and slapped her belly hard - much to the dominatrix’s annoyance!

However, this was a mere fleeting moment which Madame Vanquish fought out of and only served to fire her up even more!

Despite Eva’s best efforts, it came as no surprise to see her flat out on the mats in the end having been Vanquished!

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