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Eva v Autumn Rose - Rematch

The über talented wrestlers Eva and Autumn Rose need no introduction to fans and they certainly don’t need to be introduced to each other as they climb back into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain to face off once again!

The proud beauties decided to have a Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle following their first exciting fight and it is clear for all to see that both have been licking their lips in anticipation and desperate to get it on again.

They fly straight into action and it doesn’t take long for us to see that these two talents are up for this and they are soon giving as good as they get to one another!

Their pro-wrestling skills are beyond question and they certainly bring their A-games here as they battle long and hard across the squared circle looking for opportunities to get that winning pin.

This is highlighted best by an exciting round of quick pin attempts in succession by both Eva and Autumn Rose where they each narrowly avoid defeat.

To spice things up, their verbals are on point too as they trash talk one another and exchange determined threats throughout the contest.

We see head locks, arm bars, grapevine pins, body scissors, head scissors, leg drops, the odd dirty move and plenty of combination holds which have the effect judging by the howls of pain and agony coming from each!

Each time it feels as if one of these warriors is in the ascendency, the other turns the tables and goes on the attack herself. The momentum switches back and forth throughout.

Things intensify as the match draws closer to a conclusion as both Eva and Autumn Rose give everything they have in a bid to end up victorious.

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