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Eva Ray vs Safia

It’s exciting enough whenever we bring one exciting, hot and talented new wrestler to the MWC Mats of Doom room.

But the temperatures are positively soaring when we bring two of them together to do battle in the confined space for your pleasure!

They might be girls of contrasts but what both Eva Ray and Safia have in common is they are beautiful and eager to please in their fledgling wrestling careers.

And, just as we thought, they produce a back and forth classic which produces exciting thrills pretty much from the word go and right up until the end.

Brunette Safia has the size advantage but red head Eva Ray is quick and deceptively strong and that only adds to the edge of the seat feel to the fight as they give it their all.

It is Safia who starts off quickly, getting on top of her rival but she finds that Eva Ray has come to fight and it isn’t wrong before they are rolling around trying to catch each other in devastating holds to help them to victory.

These moves include thigh scissors, head locks, guillotines, body scissors, a whole array of pins which see both ladies trapped at various points and smothers.

Both Safia and Eva Ray are left moaning and groaning at various points due to the pain they feel after suffering at the hands of the other.

They barely let up at any point and even we were left breathless and feeling the pace - and that’s by just watching these two hell cats go at it!

Eva Ray and Safia are literally in the midst of an intense battle when the referee calls an end to it- such is their desire to fight.

A winner is declared but what’s apparent is these two bright young talented things are going to delight many fans over the coming years!

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