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Eva Ray vs Raven

We thought this one would be a fabulous match of contrasts and we were certainly not let down by the beauties that are Eva Ray and Raven!

Eva Ray has been exciting all the fans in her relatively new career with Monica’s Wrestling Centre while Raven has carved out a long and successful career as part of Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory.

Raven has a significant experience and size advantage over Eva but the spitfire has constantly shown she has the heart of a lion so wasn’t fazed or intimidated at the prospect in front of her.

But at first, it seemed as if Eva might have been overwhelmed by Raven - having to tap out fairly swiftly to a crushing body scissor.

However, Eva is made of stern stuff and she battled back magnificently to turn the tables on Raven and made her to submit to a brilliant grapevine pin!

This exchange set the tone of the match and both girls were clearly determined to show off exactly what they could do in their first encounter with each other.

Eva and Raven were rolling around on the mats jostling for the top position exchanging a range of holds and moves including head locks, arm bars, leg scissors, pins, head scissors and combinations that certainly left their mark on one another!

There was also a great deal of grit and determination from the pair - you can tell neither wanted to submit easily, even when they pain they were being made to suffer got intense!

The action barely let up and the two of them just seemed to want to fight from the first second right to the very end.

As the match came to a conclusion, there was a clear winner between two but both Eva Ray and Raven certainly left everything they had on the mats. A fantastic contest!

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