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Eva Ray vs Princess Nikki

This one looked like a match made in heaven before they’d even hit the mats and, sure enough, we were proved right as these two fighting beauties excelled!

Exquisite red head Eva and gorgeous blonde Nikki matched each other in size and were clearly keen to lock up and get their hands on one another and fight.

Nikki was bringing more experience to the table but Eva Ray has earned a growing army of fans for her ever improving skills and strength so she wasn’t about to back down or show any sign of being intimidated.

And sure enough, as soon as they locked horns, they were rolling around on the mats, exchanging holds and fighting out of tricky spots as they searched for all important tap outs to help them clock up an impressive victory.

They got each other in head locks, ankle locks, body scissors and pins but neither was able to drive home the advantage as the contest heated up at a quick pace.

Success came for each when Princess Nikki trapped her rival in a breast smother before Eva Ray responded with a head scissor.

But before each of those submissions, they proved to be stubborn and determined by refusing to give in when weaker wrestlers might have bitten the bullet.

The excellent standard continued all the way with cross body pins, grapevine pins, choke holds, ankle locks, breast smothers, body scissors, head scissors and combinations which were clearly painful judging by the ladies’ pained reactions to being trapped in them.

The submissions and high quality wrestling from both Eva Ray and Princess Nikki continued throughout and they were locked up in combat right up until the very end. Even wardrobe malfunctions couldn’t derail them!

This was a fabulous encounter between two young and talented fighters and we’re already hoping for more clashes between them!

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