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Eva Ray vs Penny Banks

We love clashes of contrasts when we pit girls of different looks and wrestling styles against one another at Monica’s Wrestling Centre!

And this one certainly ticks all the boxes as beauties Eva Ray and Penny Banks go to war in the MWC Mats of Doom room and we couldn’t wait to see how this one panned out.

Penny has a size advantage and is more adept to WAM battles while the smaller Eva is still quite new to wrestling but enhancing her reputation with every match she throws herself into.

And it is the quick and determined smaller woman who makes the better start, immediately attacking a Penny and showing her bigger rival that she isn’t here to be pushed around or dominated.

Sure enough, she strikes first by making Penny tap out of a rather painful looking grapevine pin that was perfectly executed.

And when Eva launched another attack at Penny straight after, we thought it could be a one sided fight as Penny seemed in trouble. But full credit to her, she fought her way out and instead turned the tables on her rival - stretching her in ways a woman isn’t supposed to be stretched!

This certainly hotted things up as the girls fought hard and made sure they inflicted some serious pain on each other through a variety of impressive moves including body scissors, breast smothers, grapevine pins, leg locks, arm bars and many others.

Neither lady was willing to give in easily and only did so when the agony became too unbearable that they were left with no other options.

Both Eva Ray and Penny Banks certainly left it all at the end of this one. There was a clear winner by the end and she was certainly looking pleased with her handiwork. A red hot match between red hot women.

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