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Eva Ray vs Lara

There is nothing better than putting two absolutely stunning athletes in a confined space and watching them go at it!

And that’s exactly what we have here when the gorgeous Eva Ray and the beautiful Lara met for a wrestle in the MWC Mats Room of Doom.

Exquisite Eva was at a size and experience disadvantage against the sultry strong Italian but the smaller girl has shown she is a feisty and willing fighter since bursting on to the scene just a few months ago.

And Lara immediately gets to discover just how spiky the Lithuanian is when she catches her in a body scissor and headlock combination quickly after the match has gotten underway.

There is a lot of moaning and groaning as they battle hard and Lara is clearly feeling her smaller rival’s power.

But the brunette is never one to give up easily and she soon turns the table and puts Eva Ray into the very same move that she had been suffering from just a few short minutes earlier!

To her immense credit, Eva Ray is not disheartened in the slightest and she comes back at her foe, executing some impressive holds such as grapevine pins and smothers.

And this prompts some exciting back and forth action as they trap each other in an array of moves, desperately trying to get the upper hand.

The wrestling is as hot and thrilling as both Eva Ray and Lara themselves as they fight hard and stubbornly refuse to give in for long periods of the match.

By the end, there is a delighted winner and the look of pride and satisfaction on her face tells you she has very much earned it and knows she has been in a real fight.

This is an absolute must have for your collections!

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