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Eva Ray vs Jessie

There is nothing better than putting two seemingly even-matched beauties in the MWC Mats of Doom Room and letting them battle it out in a hot wrestling match!

Foxy redhead Eva Ray came into the match the more experienced of the two - which is strange to say given she is a newbie herself! - while gorgeous Jessie wanted to build her reputation here in Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

It had all the ingredients of a fantastic battle and we are beyond delighted to say that we were certainly not disappointed!

As soon as they got to grips with each other from the first seconds, they were rolling around on the mats, trying to impose themselves on each other with headlocks and scissors.

After a frenetic opening, it is Eva Ray who strikes first with an impressive grapevine pin and breast smother combination that Jessie has no choice but to tap out from.

But the blonde doesn’t buckle and she’s straight back to it, attacking Eva Ray and trapping her in body scissors and a head lock of her own.