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Eva Ray vs Ivy Rain

The influx of young, fresh-faced talent to MWC in recent months has been extremely welcome and helped keep the established girls on their toes!

Two of those beauties that have caused quite a stir since bursting on our scene are the gorgeous Eva Ray and Ivy Rain. So naturally, we couldn’t wait to pit them against one another in a red hot contest!

They looked ravishing in their bikinis as they faced off in the Mats of Doom room and you could tell they wanted to get their hands on one another’s sexy bodies as they circled each other like wildcats.

Ivy has a bit of a size advantage and she was the first to strike to force her smaller rival on her back to execute a grapevine pin. But despite being smaller, Eva is quick and strong and she soon turned the tables and reversed the situation in the blink of an eye.

And that set the tone for a pulsating contest as the pair started rolling around on the mats trapping each other within their clutches in a variety of moves including smothers, pins and scissors.

Things even got hot and steamy in every possible way as the ladies seem to apply many of their their moves in a sensual way, which only added to the thill of this contest.

But that’s not to say the hurt wasn’t being applied either! Despite their status as newbies, they’ve both shown how quickly they are learning and demonstrated some excellent wrestling skills throughout the match.

This is the sort of exciting contest which seems to fly by in the blink of an eye and you never want to see it end.

Sadly, end it did and by the finish there was a victor out of the two hot and sweaty babes - although it could be argued the winners are those lucky to watch this!

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