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Eva Ray vs Black Diamond

Exquisite Eva Ray is a feisty little fighter who isn’t afraid to take on all comers when she steps into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

But she most definitely has her work cut out for her here when she takes on none other than the towering, imposing destructor Black Diamond in this Shing Pro Ring Girls encounter!

Beautiful Black Diamond towers over her petite rival and is quick to make this observation as they square up to each other before getting down to the business at hand.

As expected, Eva Ray doesn’t back down and tries to launch the first attack but is stopped by her bigger opponent who hisses a “don’t even think about it!” warning with some menace.

She then starts woman-handling Eva Ray with evil intent, hurling her to the ropes, scooping her up and slamming her down and then getting her trapped in various holds such as head locks and body scissors as she looks to impose herself right from the start.

But Eva is not just a gorgeous face. The girl has resilience and she takes whatever punishment Black Diamond throws at her and escapes from the clutches time and time again.

She is also quick and flexible which comes in handy when trying to evade the bulldozer that’s constantly trying to knock her down and even getting some handy attacking moves in herself.

Black Diamond taunts her and talks big but soon finds herself on the receiving end of some of Eva’s skills such as body scissors, grapevine pins and breast smothers. The tiny fighter has a big fighting heart!

This is an exciting ‘David v Goliath’ style match fought at an exciting quick pace with both Black Diamond and Eva Ray showing off their super skills!

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