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Eva Ray Vanquished

Gorgeous Eva Ray has made quite a stunning impact after recently bursting on the MWC scene and we think we have a real star on our hands.

But if there is one person who doesn’t care about anyone’s star quality, it’s the cruel remorseless dominatrix that is Madame Vanquish.

She has been ripping through our roster with an insatiable desire and glee and, given some of the tough and experienced girls who have fallen easily to her, Madame Vanquish was not about to let some young upstart stop her run.

Not that Eva Ray was phased by her intimidating opponent, of course! After the customary handshake, it was the young gun who attacked and took her bigger foe down to the mats.

Even Madame Vanquish had to acknowledge how feisty she was! Not that the imposing older lady was bothered by this, of course and she soon turned the tables on poor Eva.

The air was soon full of Eva Ray’s moans and groans in pain as Madame Vanquish held her in uncomfortable and very painful positions - the first of which was an arm bar and scissor combo which inevitably brought about the first submission.

Things didn’t improve quickly for the younger girl as the domina continued to dominate and inflict her will over her victim.

Madame Vanquish trapped her in head locks, body scissors, arm bars and locks and very often combinations of many of these and other holds!

To her credit, Eva Ray enthusiastically continued to try to fight back and resist her more experienced opponents regular attacks but it was all to no avail.

Madame Vanquish dominated and at times treated Eva as if she were nothing more than a rag doll that she could play with and throw around at will.

The ending was as brutal as you’d expect and poor Eva was left flat out cold and Vanquished on our mats.

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