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Eva Ray Dominates Bert - Rematch

We get it. Gorgeous Eva Ray is irresistible to the boys and its understandable why they’d constantly want to be in her company any chance they get.

But coming back for seconds when the talented beauty has kicked your ass before? As you sure about this Bert?!

Well, obviously he is as he gatecrashes her little work out routine in the middle of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain - something that seems to both irritate and amuse Eva Ray!

But we can see he is ready. He’s brave, he’s bold and here to do battle. And nothing says ‘I’m here to fight’ like backing away immediately when your opponent comes walking towards you!

Eva Ray is chuckling in his face before the serious work starts and she gets him down to the canvas and starts to give him a flavour of her repertoire with a nice breast smother and body scissor combination!

Bert was doing his best to fight back but Eva Ray was clearly in the mood to have her fun at his expense and so his efforts were never going to put a spanner in her works.

She’s not just a pretty face, this girl. She’s an ever improving young talent and she was working her way through her arsenal of moves.

He was made to suffer in head scissors, body scissors, head lock, breast smothers, reverse head scissors, schoolgirl pins, camel clutches and combination moves which had Bert squirming.

Every time he tried to fight back, Eva Ray just seemed to crank up the punishment and it wasn’t long before he was wearing the look of a man who realised he’d made a bad life choice here.

It was a fabulous, dominant performance by a wrestler at the top of her game and boy did she enjoy celebrating over Bert’s prone body at the end of it!

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