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Eva Ray Destroys Bert

It would be easy to under-estimate the sexy little spitfire Eva Ray when you encounter her on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

She’s relatively knew to the sport and quite small in stature so someone as big and experienced as Bert would expect an easy ride on his pursuit of a victory, right? Wrong!

Eva is one of the fastest improving fighters on the roster and she is full of enthusiasm and desire for victories - something Bert immediately discovers as she pounces on him to take him down to the mats before trapping him between those shapely pins and gaining the first submissions in double quick time!

We’d barely registered this first tap out when the second came within seconds after Bert found himself again trapped between those thighs as a body scissor and head lock combo did for him!

Eva wrestles as great as she looks and she always seems keen to show off her increasingly impressive talents - something Bert was finding out to his painful cost!=.

She was quick and relentless and gave him virtually no time to catch his breath between points which only helped compound the misery of the ass-kicking he was receiving!

Eva caught him with schoolgirl pins, face sits, head locks, head scissors, body scissors, breast smothers, figure four locks and combination holds which brought about the desired submissions as well as cries of anguish!

Bert did attack and try to get some success of his own but those fleeting moments of him being on top were over almost as soon as they started as Eva proved to be too strong and determined for him!

She was having the time of her life putting him to the sword while he was desperately trying to survive! But survive he didn’t and Eva certainly enjoyed celebrating over his broken body at the end!

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