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Eva dominates Chicken Boy

Our hero Chicken Boy has never been short of confidence in his own ability and he certainly shies away from delivering bold trash talk when he steps on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats to take on a talented beauty.

And here he is again, full of beans and taunts for exquisite Eva who has travelled down from Manchester to show off her delights to the London crew.

For a change, Chicken Boy has a bit of a height advantage but if he thinks his size and big talk is every going to put someone with the talent, experience and desire like Eva, then he is in for a rude awakening.

Unluckily for him, that rude awakening hits him within seconds of the action getting under way as Eva grabs him in a crushing head lock moments after telling him that she is going to “absolutely batter” him!

It’s a clear sign of what’s to come for him as she quickly shifts into an expertly applied grapevine pin which has him in all sorts of bother!

Eva said the other girls had told her fighting Chicken Boy would be ‘easy peasy’ and never has a truer word been said as she moves through her repertoire of skills to punish him in oh so many different ways!

He suffers from head locks, body scissors, school girl pins, arm bars, back breakers, head scissors, breast smothers and combination holds which ensure he suffers from start to finish!

She is having so much fun at his expense and gives a running commentary (which is more like trash talking of course) throughout which only adds to poor Chicken Boy’s woes as this ‘match’ wears on.

Unsurprisingly he never lays a glove on her and is completely destroyed and flat out on the mats under a triumphant Eva at the end of this one!

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