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Eva Destroys Chicken Boy - rematch

Oh god, not you again! When an exasperated Eva utters these words, don’t be fooled into thinking she is worried about the opponent standing in front of her in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

For the rival who is challenging her is none other than our hapless hero Chicken Boy Dave who is convinced he has what it takes to battle some as skilled and as strong as exquisite Eva is!

As usual, he is full of confidence and very sure of himself as he berates Eva the Diva for wearing a red and black outfit combo which claims is his trademark look. News to us and Eva just laughs in his face - unsurprisingly! 

But anyway, he is here and determined to get revenge in this rematch having had his sorry backside handed to him on a plate the last time this pair met on the MWC mats!

And his plans run smoothly, before the action gets underway of course! As soon as Eva grabs him in a headlock we can see he is in big trouble and his dreams of getting his own back evaporate within seconds of the match starting!

Eva is in the mood to work him over and she soon starts going through her large bag of tricks to make him suffer in a variety of different ways.

He gets caught in arm bars, body scissors, camel clutches, suffers headbutts between the legs, kicks to the torso and a whole range of combination holds which have him reeling and rocking in no time!

For her part, Eva has incredible fun taking him apart and making him suffer for daring to challenge her again.

By the end of this one, Chicken Boy looks as if he has been hit by a juggernaut at full speed while Eva enjoys making him admit what he is!

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