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Epiphany Jones vs Rogue

In a relatively short career to date, beautiful blonde Epiphany Jones has proved she is always up for a fight no matter what challenge is presented in front of her!

But she certainly has a tough challenge in front of her here when she steps into the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room to take on the gorgeous fiery Rogue!

Rogue came with a height and experience advantage and seemed determined to make these count as she went on the attack within seconds of the polite pre-match handshake, trying to impose herself on Epiphany Jones.

The blonde does her best to fight back and she shows great resilience and an impressive stubbornness to not succumb and tap out easily - something which always bodes well in any match!

It’s soon obvious to us that we are dealing with two skilful and determined warriors who will always give their all in any contests that they are in.

We see head locks, arm bars, body scissors, arm locks, head scissors, choke holds, schoolgirl pins, bear hugs and combination holds as the ladies fight as hard as they can.

Despite the intensity of the wrestling, there is clearly a lot of respect between Epiphany Jones and Rogue and this results in the contest being fought in a tremendous spirit.

But don’t be fooled into thinking these two weren’t giving their all and desperate to get an impressive victory under their belts! You could see the impact the fight was having as it entered the latter stages of the contest.

One of the women had begun to dominate proceedings in terms of racking up a few tap out points but her rival made her sweat and work hard and even enjoyed some success of her own along the way. Their dishevelled looks at the end showed how much effort they’d put in!

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