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Epiphany Jones vs Autumn Rose

Judging by the beaming, beautiful smiles they greet each other with, it is obvious right from the start that gorgeous grapplers Epiphany Jones and Autumn Rose are looking forward to taking each other on!

They meet in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room and waste no time at all getting to grips with one another and fighting out an epic encounter.

Both ladies are well matched in size and are soon showing off their speed, strength and skills as they battle it out all over the mats within the tight room they are fighting in.

And, both Epiphany and Autumn show off their stubborn sides as they refuse to tap out easily - making each other work hard to get their submissions.

But they do both enjoy getting their submissions as even the most determined fighters can only take a certain amount of punishment before having to succumb to the inevitable!

The whole contest is fought in an excellent spirit, but don’t let their smiles fool you - they are both clearly determined to secure an impressive win and put their heart and soul into getting to the promised land!

We see them exchange body scissors, arm bars, head locks, head scissors, bear hugs and combination holds - some of which bring about the desired outcomes after much effort is put in.

Even when it looks as if one of these beauties is getting the overall upper hand, her rival is quick to fight back and remind her that she is in a real fight and won’t win so easily!

The pace and quality never diminishes - neither does both Epiphany and Autumn’s enthusiasm! - as the match draws ever closer to its conclusion!

You can see how much both has put into this at the end but there is also mutual love and appreciation from two who know they’ve been in a fabulous contest!

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