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Epiphany Jones Destroys Rex

There is always something satisfying about seeing a cocky man full of confidence getting taught a humbling lesson by a vastly superior woman!

Take big Rex, for instance. Here he is on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats convinced he will take the brilliant and beautiful Epiphany Jones in this mixed match and keen to put this to the test!

Of course, she isn’t at all fazed and it takes her a matter of just a few seconds to bring this cocksure bloke back to reality when she skilfully takes him down to the ground and catches him in a breast smother.

Exquisite Epiphany wastes no time in reminding him of all the pre-match taunts he had uttered and she is clearly keen to teach him that he absolutely doesn’t have more skill than her and he certainly won’t be taking her!

Rex is clearly stunned that someone with more skill and strength than he possesses is on top and his desperate cry of ‘what is going on?’ sums up the predicament he finds himself in.

Epiphany is playful in her taunts but serious in her efforts to show off her immense ability and she ramps up the pressure to inflict more damage and misery on his as the ‘fight’ continues.

She gets him in face sits, reverse head scissors, body scissors, grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, head locks, arm bars and combination holds which have the desired effect on reeling Rex!

She even finds plenty of time and opportunity to flash her gorgeous smile at the camera as she racks up plenty of submissions in her favour!

It’s fair to say Rex is humbled big time in this demolition job and his early cockiness has been well and truly buried.

Epiphany ends things in the most eye-watering, brutal and delightful fashion - much to Rex’s anguish and dismay!

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