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Emily Destroys Liam - rematch

When the lumbering giant Liam first met gorgeous Emily at Monica’s Wrestling Centre, he took such a beating that we thought he would suffer nightmares about her for the rest of his life.

However, he must have taken a few hard shots to the head as here is was back to challenge her to what we all knew was an ill-advised rematch in the venue’s Ring of Pain.

I guess we should admire his courage as he would have been forgiven for cowering away from Emily after their first encounter on the mats!

Emily, for her part is ready for this and in fact tells Liam she has been looking forward to it - we guess no woman ever grows tired of beating up weak men whose let their egos get the better of them!

As a result it doesn’t take her very long at all to get him down on the canvas and under her strong body ready for her to do as she pleases.

Our sock-wearing hero might have had a significant height advantage but that’s where any advantage he had ended as Emily used her superior power and ability to put him through his paces.

She was twisting him up like a pretzel and trapping him in punishing moves at will as Liam really had no answer to the onslaught.

Emily utilised body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, guillotines, Boston crabs, head locks and combination holds which had him desperately tapping out for relief!

Liam did his best to resist these moves but when your best is nowhere near good enough, then there is only going to be one inevitable outcome!

And sure enough, that outcome came following a totally one-sided ‘match’ and resulted in Liam’s battered body being flat on the ground as Emily celebrated in style over it!

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Strong Ladies indeed!

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