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Dominita vs Luna K

Welsh wonder Luna K is certainly made to be a Shiny Pro Ring Girls Star and has all the qualities a wrestler would want to be able to impress in the squared circle.

But she was going to need all of those qualities and then some when she found herself facing off against the intimidating and daunting Dominita in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain.

To say Dominita had a size advantage over Luna would be a massive overstatement and the smaller girl’s apparent apprehension before they locked up told its own story.

Within seconds, she found herself being shoved violently to the canvas by the bigger woman and the signs were that things were only going to get a whole lot worse for the Welsh beauty.

Luna knew she’d have to use her speed to get into attacking positions and it seemed to work when she managed to get on to Dominita’s back to apply a solid head lock. This joy was short lived though as Dominita backed into a corner turnbuckle at speed, leaving her smaller foe in agony.

Dominita wasn’t messing about and she was clearly determined to teach another young pretender that she isn’t one to be messed around with in the ring.

Luna suffered forearms to the back, being rammed face first into the corner, being speared, rag dolled and thrown around the ring, arm bars, clotheslines and being body splashed! She wasn’t afraid to fight dirty and use hairpulling for control and attacks either!

Poor Luna kept trying to fight back impressively kicking out of pins and delivering some elbows and kicks of her own which had Dominita reeling at times.

Suddenly the bigger bully was in a fight she never expected to be in! But was Luna K’s impressive fightback enough to secure a famous and unexpected victory? Download to find out!

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