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Dominita vs Inferno

Ravishing red head Inferno is no stranger to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain and she has successfully strutted her stuff in Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounters.

But despite her experience, even she needs to be taught a valuable lesson sometimes and, on this occasion, that lesson is ‘don’t trust anyone’!

Dominita is a powerhouse, super strong wrestler as it is so if she gives herself an extra advantage by pretending to be nice and having a pre-match handshake then the smartest thing would be not to fall for it.

Inferno isn’t smart in this moment though and she soon finds herself being sneak attacked with a kick, clubbed to the floor and having her red hair almost pulled out by the roots!

Dominita certainly seems to have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed as she remorselessly takes Inferno apart - attacking her in the corner, beating her on the canvas and even hoisting her up on her shoulders before slamming her to the ground so hard that it made those of us watching wince in pain!

Inferno also found her head being squeezed so hard at one point that her face almost matched her hair colour!

It was a relentless beatdown from Dominita who seemed to be putting on a clinic in how to destroy smaller girls!

With the looks of disdain she was giving Inferno, you might have thought Dominita would get bored but, nope. If there’s a butt kicking to be handed out, she will always be at the front of the queue to do the honours.

That’s not to say Inferno doesn’t have her own moments here as she refuses to give in easily. But this only serves to enrage an already enraged Dominita!

She end things brutally as you’d expect with a few verbal slurs for her destroyed rival!

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