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Dominita vs Gabriella

Brimming with confidence, beautiful Gabriella is keen to show off her flexibility ahead of her latest Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ fight in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain.

But her imposing and intimidating opponent Dominita is not impressed and makes it clear that she doesn’t like a “show off” and Gabriella’s continued verbals only act like a red rag to a bull.

Dominita immediately goes on the attack with a hard knee to the belly and Gabriella would be forgiven for regretting her display of cockiness before this match had gotten underway.

She follows this up with a crushing head lock which is converted into a skilful take down and it looks like Dominita is going to, well, dominate this one.

But Gabriella is more than just good looks and impressive confidence, utilising that flexibility she was keen to show off to catch her bigger foe in a head scissor and turn the tide in this contest.

If Dominita didn’t know she was in a match before, she certainly did now as they started trading blows with each lady having moments in the ascendency.

We were treated to arm bars, head scissors, body scissors, ankle locks, a variety of pins, breast smothers and combination holds in this back and forth encounter.

Dominita might have had a huge size advantage but she discovered that Gabriella was not fazed or disadvantaged by this and was willing to go toe to toe with her all the way.

It was a thrilling contest with the outcome of the bout left uncertain all the way - both of these warriors had moments where they were in charge, only to see their rival fight their way out of a hole.

The hard earned victory came in the most brutal fashion and the winner was clearly delighted with her work as the loser was left shattered!

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