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Dominita vs Eva

They say the bigger they are, the harder they fall and that is certainly a saying that exquisite Eva had in mind ahead of this Shiny Pro Ring Girls clash with the imposing Dominita.

They squared off in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain, two gifted and strong wrestlers who are no strangers to the pro wrestling world, but there was an obvious height difference and something Dominita thought would be fair game to mock her rival over.

But while Eva couldn’t reach Dominita’s hands - deliberately held too high - she knew she could bring her rival down to size with a well directed punch and then a blow to the back of the knee to get the bigger woman down to the canvas!

David v Goliath stuff indeed! But you can never discount a raging Dominita and she wasn’t about to spend the whole evening on the canvas taking such punishment. She knows how to fight and fight back she did indeed!

It wasn’t long before both ladies were having to take their medicine as they found themselves in precarious situations which were taking their tolls on their bodies.

There were ankle locks, leg locks, hair pulling, faces slammed into corner turnbuckles, snap takedowns, head locks, elbows to the guys, clotheslines and combination holds.

Back and forth the initiative shifted as these two determined and exceptional fighters went all out in pursuit of victory.

There were plenty of verbals between Dominita and Eva too but the main focus was on sustained attacks when they had the opportunity to do so!

The result hung in the balance all the way to the end as the pair both had their time on top before finding the situation reversed unexpectedly.

One did emerge victorious though and you’ll have to download this classic to find out which one of these talents did so!

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