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Dominita vs Bitch Cassidy

There aren’t many pro wrestlers who are as brash and confident as Bitch Cassidy whenever she climbs through the ropes of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

But she was going to need to be at her absolute best in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls match when she found herself in the opposite corner of the brutal Dominita.

As usual, Dominita was in the mood to take her rival apart but, to her credit, Bitch Cassidy was certainly up for it and not afraid of the challenge.

She was probably re-evaluating that stance a minute later when she found herself overpowered into a corner turnbuckle and on the receiving end of one of Dominita’s brutal kick to the crotch, which certainly took the wind out of Bitch Cassidy’s sails!

This was a harsh learning curve for the younger wrestler but at least she learned what she was up against and wouldn’t fall for it again, right? Actually, no! The trick was repeated moments later!

Dominita not only has power and skills that are the envy of many but she knows how to fight dirty and isn’t afraid to resort to any tactics in her search for victory.

And Bitch Cassidy would be on the receiving end of much of those tactics throughout as Dominita threw her around like a rag doll intent on breaking her.

However the resilient Bitch Cassidy was never going to just take that and she did her best to fight back landing some good kicks and punches to the belly of her own - not to mention some crotch attack revenge action!

Soon Dominita wasn’t having it all her own way and Bitch Cassidy was back in the contest! But was it enough to secure a stunning victory?

Download this to discover the shocking and sheer brutal way the all important pin was secured!

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