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Dominita vs Autumn Rose

Anyone who has ever seen the powerhouse that is Dominita do her thing in Monica’s Wrestling Centre knows she doesn’t need sneaky tricks to destroy her opponents.

But the fact that she is happy to deploy them along with using her ability and super strength makes her an even more daunting prospect to face - as the wonderful Autumn Rose discovered here.

They face off in the Ring of Pain and Dominita looks her usual angry self as she watches her more scantily clad opponent carry out her warm up exercises before they exchange a bit of verbal banter ahead of the main business in hand.

And immediately, Dominita shows off how clever she is when she entices her smaller foe into a supposed test of strength but then fires in a hard kick to Autumn Rose’s exposed belly to drop her to the canvas.

Pleased with her trickery, the dominatrix takes control and starts to give Autumn Rose an up close and very personal demonstration of how brutal she can be when the mood takes her.

As the venue is filled with the screams of agony coming from Autumn Rose’s mouth, Dominita remains focused on taking her apart remorselessly.

Autumn Rose suffers from ankle locks, head scissors, being choked while trapped against the ropes, knees to the belly, hair pulling, clothes lines and combination holds.

Of course, a proud and talented fighter like her isn’t just going to be a rag doll or victim for anyone and she certainly has plenty of moments where she fights back.

But ultimately, she there isn’t much she can do in the face of the onslaught that Dominita hits her with throughout this contest.

The end is as brutal as most of the match has been for Autumn Rose and Dominita celebrates her brutal one-sided victory!

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