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Dominita Destroys Ivy Rain

“I’m looking forward to this because I’ve heard, on the grapevine, you can’t last 20 minutes…!” As famous last words go, these are a corker!

Ivy Rain is a great wrestler who is getting better each and every match. Of that there is no doubt. But her cockiness and confidence ahead of this showdown with the imposing Dominita was startling to say the least.

The beauty was confident her stamina would see her through and that she didn’t even need the moves to stop the far bigger and far more powerful - not to mention far more brutal - Dominita in her tracks.

But how wrong she was. Dominita lapped up the chatter and just got straight to work on putting the cocky youngster in her place.

The powerhouse never needs an excuse to take apart any of her opponents but now she had the added incentive to punish Ivy Rain and that is exactly what did!

Within five minutes, Ivy had been thrown around the ring, caught in crushing painful moves and left scrambling for safety and screaming in agony every time Dominita felt like doing so. Suddenly those 20 minutes looked far longer and scarier than they did at the start for Ivy!

Dominita was remorseless in her attacks and she never let up as she used traditional wrestling moves as well as nasty dirty tricks to get her point across.

Ivy Rain was in no doubt she had bitten off far more than she could chew and her hopes of outlasting her opponent had faded long before the halfway mark, let alone the full 20 by which Dominita was supposed to have faded by!

The whole ordeal was a chastening experience for Ivy Rain while Dominita enjoyed giving her a nasty but much-needed lesson in humility and punishment!

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