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Denise vs Vanquish - Second Custom

You can’t argue that beautiful muscle goddess has the guts to match her awesome power when it comes to doing battle on the MWC mats!

Despite a painful and punishing ordeal at the hands of Madame Vanquish the last time they met on those very mats, she’s back again convinced she can take her imposing rival this time.

Of course, the remorseless dominatrix is licking her lips in anticipation at this and even tells Denise she thought she’d have had enough of the pain by now!

To hammer home the point, Madame Vanquish wastes no time in getting straight into her well sculpted opponent and scoops Denise’s helpless body up with astonishing ease and even starts engaging in a little weight lifting.

It’s humiliating and not the start Denise was hoping for. But it is just the start in a long and very painful ordeal!

Madame Vanquish might smile and laugh a lot but there are evil intentions behind every single expression she shows in these matches and those are to inflict as much agony as possible on her victims.

She executes back breakers, bear hugs, arm bars and blows to the stomach, she rag dolls and throws the Muscle Goddess around like there’s no tomorrow, she drags her up to her feet when Denise is flat out in pain on the mats. There is no let up!

It isn’t long before even Denise is admitting that the dominant dominatrix is too strong for her - some statement when you know how much power she possesses herself.

The ending is typically brutal and you can Denise is completely finished as Madame Vanquish enjoys a well earned victory pose over her crushed body.

We don’t think Denise will be rushing back to our mats to face this one-woman wrecking machine any time in the near future!

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