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Denise vs Vanquish - Custom

For a long time now, the imposing Madame Vanquish has been cutting through the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster and destroying girl after girl.

The dominatrix has left many a broken and battered body on the MWC mats as she continued her reign of terror.

But one girl who did not fall like the others was the delightful Denise, who power gave Madame Vanquish more than a serious run for her money when they clashed just a few months ago.

So it is perhaps unsurprising that, unlike most of the other girls who are probably still in hiding, Denise was back and ready to take on the dominant one so soon after that first fight.

However, Madame Vanquish loves a challenge. And after being challenged by the muscle queen first time around, she was more than ready for whatever Denise intended to throw at her this time.

In fact, it was the determined dominatrix who pounded quickly and first, trapping Denise in a headlock and squeezing tight to give her victim real problems early on.

Denise was soon in more trouble as Madame Vanquish was in a truly dominating mood and determined to make the blonde bombshell suffer at her hands.

There were bear hugs, body scissors, head locks and back breakers as Denise was woman-handled in a way she will not be used to.

Of course, when you are as strong as Denise, you are not just going to be a victim and - sure enough - she got her own moves in on Madame Vanquish too with bear hugs and ankle locks that had her struggling.

But Madame was in no mood for this fight to turn out like their last one and she imposed herself and made Denise suffer. The ending was particularly brutal with knees and head butts to poor Denise’s back to leave her Vanquished!

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